TNUT Climbing is dedicated to providing a range of climbing holds at the highest quality.

Whenever TNUT Climbing holds are set on a wall, climbers are immediately drawn to them - they want to feel them, put on their shoes, chalk up and climb.

• Holds are made of resistant polyurethane material.
• All holds are engineered with stainless steel washers for longevity.
• Screw holes have been meticulously placed to efficiently end spinning holds.
• Texture is the perfect balance between comfort and friction.
• Shapes feature some subtle level of details.
• Profiles foster creative route setting.
• Designed and produced by an experienced rockclimber and route setter.

Remi Remi Remi

TNUT Climbing is owned by Remi Vignals who is currently Head Route Setter at Rockface Climbing Centre in Perth (Western Australia). Remi has been route setting for over 10 years and has climbed in many parts of the World.

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